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The History of I Town

As carbon fuel became scarce and the Third World demanded its share of what was left, the old Carbon Nation finally began developing large scale alternate energy sources without curbing consumption. In the west, energy companies launched huge floating turbines called wind clouds to harness the power of the atmosphere and created enough disturbance in the natural motion of the atmosphere to impact the climate. Drought across the middle of the country brought the desert of the southwest up as far as the shores of the Great Lakes and beyond. Farmers attacked the wind farms, blowing up as many of the monstrous windmills as they could. The Westerners retaliated by destroying many of the hydroelectric dams of the Midwest. An already sluggish food transport system shut down completely. Famine led to violence and catastrophic population decline.

The new world powers of the far East stepped in to resolve the problem. They developed the Global Power Authority, which put extensive regulation on the production of power and weapons in the Carbon Nation. Among the Carbon Nation delegates to the GPA was Merwin Burgess, a young and highly gifted politician, and his new friend who went by the name Michael Faraday. Faraday and his father had developed a human powered treadwheel and managed for a short time to relight the homes and businesses of a small town at the edge of the climate impact zone. He and Burgess presented a plan to the GPA to create a society based on that failed attempt. The result was the tripartite corporate society of Trintico with its three segregated zones. Induction Town would house the walkers and produce the electricity, Agragia would feed the walkers, and Fluxton would consume the power and excess food.

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the novel the story the history the people the politics the diet the author contact